Coastal Travel’s philanthropic mission is to incorporate tourism with humanitarian endeavours.  By utilizing Coastal Travel services, travelers are indirectly participating in charitable endeavours of their choice. For example; If they want to help a specific children organization, they can specify the name of the institution that is to receive the donation. Coastal Travel will mail a check to that specific institution.

The mechanism of the donation process is as follows;

For every booking our clients make, we donate a percentage of our commission to our client’s favorite charity or non-profit organization. On our client’s behalf, we send a letter along with a check to any given charity they wish to donate to.
We also like to do volunteer work, such as participating by helping out non-profit organizations, and being involved with museums or fundraising events to bring our neighbors and employers of the community together.

At Coastal Travel, we believe that giving back to the community and the world is part of our responsibilities as human beings.