We recognize the importance of all of our clients when they travel. We dedicate ourselves to excellence in providing a host of services. In addition to these services, we strive for the following:

  • Friendly and Courteous Service
  • Fair and honest treatment in all customer transactions
  • Quality of all products and services
  • Guaranteed satisfaction of every transaction in addition to:
  1. Assistance from when we first meet until your return home from your vacation.
  2. Assistance upon arrival at your travel destination: Local guides will meet you upon arrival and assist you with the formalities at the airport.
  3. Accommodation: We can arrange a variety of conveniently located places to stay, including hotels with different categories; five stars to two stars, and Villages.
  4. Shopping: We can help you to find or negotiate your items to make your shopping an enjoyable experience (including haggling over prices with merchants). The main streets and old markets are filled with shops where you can buy art, wood, jewelry, ceramics and pottery etc.,
  5. Entertainment: We arrange a night show, a dinner, and even lunch, if requested.
  6. Special Request: Will make restaurant reservations, spas appointments, and special events, you name it we will help you make the experience enjoyable and memorable.